Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing by Outkreate

Social Media is a way of life today. We are increasingly spending more time on various channels – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and more. In essence, no matter your business, your audience is visiting these channels on a daily basis, and you have to tap this media. The beauty about social media is: it’s cost effective, you can customiz your messaging by audience, and you can “nurture” your audience by communicating with them on an ongoing basis.

Social Media marketing is a strength of Outkreate. This is how we started. Today, we provide ongoing Social Media marketing for dozen-plus clients.

From Strategy to Execution

We work with several medium-sized businesses who lack content, and a proper marketing department. Outkreate steps in as your partner, and devises everything — from strategy to execution. For content-constrained clients, we have created content on our own to drive their marketing.

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How we Work

We spend a lot of time understanding your business strategy, your target audience, and your business priorities. Accordingly, we create a social media strategy aligned with the client. Our content strategists and digital marketing managers prepare monthly calendars in line with the strategy. We’re quite hands-off. Our content and design teams create high-quality visuals, and we execute on our client’s social media pages.

Why Outkreate for Social Media?

We are hands-off which is great for resource-constrained clients. We are great at understanding your business, and then we’re quite hands-off. Social Media isn’t just about beautiful designs and posting. We work very hard to personally connect with your target audience. We provide Facebook and Instagram Assistant services where our team puts dedicated hours each day on your account to organically follow your audience, your influencers, talk and connect with them, post on various communities, and much much more.

Also, we’re amazing with targeting. We work very hard to make sure you content reaches the right audience. We do a ton of A/B testing, and data-digging to find the most optimal audience for your products and services.