Top 8 Graphic Design Trends in 2019

2019 has been vibrant when it comes to graphic design. While designers have been experimental in different directions, some trends from last year have continued in this year too. Let’s have a look at the Top 8 graphic trends we have observed in the first quarter of 2019.

1. Major use of Bold colors

► Giving designs a more futuristic look, bold colors make a statement. Vibrant designs are toned to meet brand requirements.
► Designers have continued to exhibit courageous supersaturated poppy colors fuelling their design.
► Even the minimalistic designs are no more limited to black and white. They are now created using poppy colors.
Bold colors use in graphics

2. Seamless Use of Animation

► 2D and 3D animations are trending in the advertisements, websites and app designs these days. Animations dominate the designs in the form of short animation clips, micro effects on interactions, animated logos, rendered 3D fonts or 3D images.
► The benefit with 3D fonts is that any sort of font will look good when rendered in 3D. 3D logos created by the merger of 3D fonts and 3D designs are definitely eye-catching and impactful.
► Regardless of the type, 2D or 3D, animations assuredly convey messages easily and effectively.
Animated graphics

3. Use of Custom graphics for brands

► This year we can notice prominent use of customized illustrations, fonts and specific graphics.
► Custom graphics stand out from the traditional designs and are noticeable. Customized handmade illustrations are creative and uniquely etched out.
► Small hand-drawn charts, doodles, fonts and drawings are also interesting and tending up. Custom-made fonts are in trend for creating classic logos.
► A blend of custom and automated design has also attracted major attention.
Custom graphics

4. Perfect Use of Candid Pictures

► Usage of typical stock photos has decreased last year. More real, life-like candid pictures are replacing perfectly staged pictures.
► The natural looking photos reflect everyday people and hence are relatable and impactful.
Use of candid pictures

5. Conscientious use of bold and metallic

► Bold fonts have already got the attention of designers and viewers. We have seen a few big brands have chosen to make a statement using bold fonts instead of images.
► A powerful word put in bold fonts coveys the message effectively, leaves a huge impact.
► Metallic finish in any design stands out. This year metallic is not just limited to bronze, gold or silver, we can see more luminous metallic designs with iridescent colors.
use of bold and metallic graphics

6. Better open compositions with the use of negative space

► Open compositions are designs that show only a part of the entire content. Such compositions without frames use negative space smartly.
► Open compositions with overlapping text on the graphics or just with the minimal texts are trending too.
► Most apps and websites prefer search designs knowing its positive impacts.
Use of negative space in graphics

7. Use of dual tones and gradients

► Gradients have already been in trend last year and have also made it in the trending list this year.
► In 2019, gradients are not just limited to background, we see more of gradient filters and text fillers too. Dual toned gradients are a remarkable thing in logo designs.
► With some big names using these for their branding, we are likely to see more of the vivid color transitions in 2019.
Use of dual tones and gradient

8. Balanced use of isometric illustrations

► Isometric illustrations give the feel of 3D objects in two-dimensional drawings.
► These illustrations work better than flat design and also smaller in size than 3D illustrations aiding in quick loading of the site.
► Isometric icons are already in use on many websites and print projects. The added depth and perspective to flat designs enhance the beauty, effectiveness and understanding of the design
 use of isometric illustrations

The prevailing trends are expected to continue in 2019 but one can expect minimalism to evolve with isometric illustrations, with the re-introduction of dual tones and gradients in graphics. The animation will also play an important role here.

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