4 Easy Ways to Make your Business Shine on Instagram

Instagram marketing image January 24th, 2018

Instagram has 700 million daily users.
And much to every marketeer's delight, this Social Media platform has towering user engagement levels.Instagram users are younger than Facebook's and much more engaged versus other social media platforms.  
That's why, even if your brand skews to a Facebook or Twitter demographic, you should still get onInstagram. We bring to you 4 DIY tips to grow your brand's awareness on Instagram.


Vishal, our in-house Insta guru has these ideas for you. Feel free to reach out to him with questions. 

1. Follow and Get Followed
Follow those Instagram profiles that can become potential customers in the near future. When you follow people or brands, by virtue of "reciprocity”, a good portion of them will follow you back. The more the followers, the more your brand gets noticed. 

Example, if your business is about furniture, you should follow architects and interior designers. Many of them will follow you back, and now they become part of your audience you can influence.

2. Engage with your Audience
Like, comment or regram (similar to sharing or retweeting) posts of your audience. Use the Direct Message (DM) feature to send personalized notes. Example, when we run contests for our client’s brands, we send personalized DMs, and our participation rates are typically high. 

Respond to questions or complaints. If someone isn't happy with your product or service, respond to them openly rather than deleting the comment. 

3. Create Casual Posts 
Number one reason why busy business-people are not able to be active on Social Media is they think they don’t have content. Vishal, from our team, has some handy ideas

  • When you’re meeting new or influential people, take a picture, tag this person and post
  • Post pictures of your team (or processes) in action
  • Regram posts which are pertinent to your brand. Say, you’re into healthcare, regram posts of well-known health and wellness influencers.
  • Instagram has amazing photo filters. Use them. Take a picture of your product, enhance with a filter and post. Insta folks appreciate the candid content.
  • Use a free photo-editing tool like Canva to make simple posts.


4. Make Your Posts Fun 
Use catchy Call To Actions like Double Tap (same as “like”), Tag a Friend, or ask for Comments in your posts. Make it fun for your audience to engage with you. Mix up fun and humour once in a while to let your personality come out. 

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