5 Must-Have Strategies and Tools that you Need in your Digital Marketing Arsenal in 2019

Best digital marketing tools March 15th, 2019

Marketers always ask the simple question at the start of every year – What will be at the forefront of their digital marketing strategy this year? Adhering to trends and the newest tools makes a world of difference. With potential customers everywhere, every company needs some niche digital marketing techniques and digital marketing tools that can help them identify the relevant target market for their clients.

Additionally, potential customers spring up from the competitors and with some great digital marketing tools, one can convince them all to be part of your bandwagon, especially with the use the right digital marketing tools.  

1. Autoresponders for Internet Marketing

Managing email lists could prove to be a hassle and certainly a monumental task, especially if you have a business that is on a constant lookout for customers. After sending emails with sales copy, it’s likely to get limited responses from recipients. But with timely marketing autoresponders, one can reinforce the marketing pitch inherent within the original mail by scheduling follow-up mails.

The emails will aid in building customer base effectively and even establish brand credibility among prospects. One can leverage email promotion to send out multiple informative mailings about your offerings, on a scheduled basis.

An autoresponder is works as an AI element, capable of automated responses to emails, directed towards visitors, to gather additional information. They can be programmed smartly based on requirements. It is one digital marketing tool that can streamline your marketing business process with automation of replies to visitors.

2. Search Engine Optimization for Online Marketing

One of the best evergreen internet marketing strategies is to leverage search engine optimization for acquiring popularity and reach through search engines. Keyword research has evolved over the years and content optimization has become a digital marketing tool that pushes site rankings to the top. Without placing keywords on blog and blog content, any marketing campaign will fade away gradually.

Keyword research based on website theme and topic helps companies rank high in Google. One can utilize SEM Rush for keyword research nowadays. Conduct site audits and analyse competitor sites for zeroing on the relevant keywords with powerful backlinks. In 2019, companies should stick to niche keywords and avoid competitive ones with high search volume. Create blogs around the target keyword along with other approaches.

3. Video Marketing

Video marketing is an effective digital marketing strategy that is a favorite among digital marketers worldwide. The proliferation of mobile gadgets and smartphones has triggered a mass exodus to video-based channels with an expected growth of 35 percent per year in the next five years. Video channels are digital marketing tools that generate the most views and attention among most content on the web. The generation of immersive media formats and apps have impacted the popularity positively too.

One can witness the growth of well-executed video marketing for several brands with the trend expected to grow in the coming years, with better concepts and creativity.

4. Influencer Marketing

Influencer-based marketing is a digital marketing strategy that has reaped dividends for several brands on social media who are leveraging the craze on social media to build consumer trust. Nielsen revealed that 92% of people are known to trust all kinds of recommendations received from influencers who are popular individuals and celebrities, for several reasons.

But if one is choosing this channel, one has to look for scams and scandals that could take place. The Fyre festival fiasco that involved scores of celebrities is a huge example since the touted “biggest party in the world” did not even happen in reality!

The creative and original aspects of this channel can help a great deal by influencers, but one should avoid association with influencers who with their negative social image, could hurt the brand too.

5. Chatbots

The chatbots are efficient digital marketing tools that have risen in popularity in recent years. The trend will continue in 2019 since these tools can respond to basic questions a brand receives from customers promptly without delay. Chatbots cut down on delays in responses with smart replies saving brands time and money in the customer acquisition process.

Several brands have succeeded in adopting chatbots on Facebook to increase engagement and the sales have commonly received a huge boost for most of them.

Other than the above digital marketing tools and strategies, Blockchain, IoT, and other tech tools will rule the trends too. One can witness some unique tools in the digital marketing arsenal of 2019 that will aid most businesses to trump over the competition. Every brand and company need to test every digital marketing strategy before they determine the perfect blend of marketing approach and channels.

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