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Outkreate’s presentation experts deliver laser-focused content and strong visuals - all while treating your materials with the care and precision you know they deserve. Work with us to clarify your message, elevate your story, and design the compelling presentation you need.

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Where do Presentations go wrong?

You’re an expert in your field, but creating a knockout presentation is a different skill set entirely. That’s why we built Outkreate—so you can focus your time and resources on the bigger challenges - leave the design to us.

Ineffective messaging

When your message isn’t clear, you’ll find it harder to sell your ideas and get buy-in from your audience.

Poor design

Great design engages viewers. Bad design damages your influence and makes communication harder.

Scarce resources

Internal design teams often view presentations as “less important,” meaning it’s hard to get yours in expert shape.

Presentations by the numbers


ROI of $1 spent on design.
— Forbes


Difference in returns between design-focused companies and organizations that don’t prioritize design.


Rate at which images are processed more quickly than text by the human brain.
— Entrepreneur


Percentage of senior marketing executives who believe visual assets are key to communicating the brand story.
— CMO Council

From our Valued Clients

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Better Presentations start with Better Presentation services

Presentation Strategy

We put our extensive experience with presentations to work for you. We’ll guide you on what to put in your presentation, where to put it, and why you need to put it there in the first place.

Presentation Design

Whether you’re preparing a keynote, a quarterly report, a town hall, or something else, an Outkreate presentation will meet your business goals and motivate your audience.

Internal Communications

We work to understand your business needs, your company culture, and the message you need to get across. Then we design a range of materials to help you communicate your message.

Learn more about our services

How we get better Presentations and better results in 3 easy steps


We begin each project by defining your objectives, audience, challenges, and other critical information.


Next, we create a design brief that gives you an early opportunity to provide valuable input and creative direction.


Using your feedback, we refine your deliverables to transform your ideas and information to impact and influence.


Isn’t presentation design just a nice-to-have?

We tell our clients that presentation design is not an essential service—that is, if they don’t care about turning their ideas into influence. The bottom line: if you want better results, you need better presentations.

Couldn’t we use our internal design team?

A Communications or Marketing-centered design team may not specialize in presentations... And will always be called away for more “important” work first. Things like Annual Reports and rush marketing materials usually mean internal teams are slow to deliver on presentations.

We’re good at presentations—why would we need Outkreate?

Although presentation design is something you could do, is it something you should do? Working with Outkreate helps our clients focus on what they’re best at—without spending too much time on what they’re merely “good” at.

Can we afford professional presentation strategy and design?

Clients who work with us come to quickly realize that Outkreate is just as cost-effective—or more—than hiring and onboarding internal presentation resources. Those clients also appreciate the outside expertise that Outkreate brings to their design challenges.

I have a deadline. Will this take a long time?

As with any creative project, the more time we can dedicate to making you an incredible presentation, the better. However, for our repeat clients, we often turn projects around in as little as 48 hours. (Bottom line: we understand when you have to “put out a fire” or satisfy an urgent request!)


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