Making Healthcare Communication Useful and Fun Marketing Case Study – Scientific Diagnostic Centre

Scientific Diagnostic Centre (SDC) is Gujarat’s (the state in India that we're based out of) 1st ultramodern pathology testing laboratory and diagnostic center. They are known for reliable and affordable health-related testing. They have been our client since July 2016 and we handle their Social Media marketing, Website optimization and Ad hoc design work. SDC's goal is to increase its pie of direct (B2C) consumers leveraging digital media.

Social Media
We built SDC’s Facebook and Instagram presence from scratch. We continue to create and share informational content, at times in a light-hearted way, to help consumers avoid, identify and control chronic issues. Along with this, we promote special offers on various tests in an engaging way. The posts are well-thought, smartly designed, and effectively targeted to SDC's target audience. We've also produced video content showing consumer experiences, SDC’s services and lab infrastructure.

We built SDC's website from scratch with a focus on quality content, and features like “Book an Appointment” for Home Blood Sample Collection. We understood SDC's business so well, that client gave us a high degree of liberty in terms of content and design.

Social Media campaigns designed by us helped contemporize the brand, and reach new and younger audiences. We drive traffic from Social Media to their website which is driving a significant volume of queries and client appointments. Previously SDC spent a significant amount of advertising in local newspapers - post-Social Media, this has been cut down by 90%.

Overall, what we learned
It's important to have a balance of educational/informational and product-related content. Selling-only content can turn off viewers. Also, pathology testing/ diagnostic services may not sound "sexy", but, there is an audience out there wanting to learn more, and there is a way to make marketing communication around it interesting

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