WordPress and Shopify Experts

WordPress CMS

We prefer WordPress CMS as it makes it easy even for our clients to manage websites. We want to enable our clients to be able to make basic changes to keep their sites up to date. After all, it is your assets, and you should be able to post your latest product, or push your newest event whenever you desire.

WordPress also offers thousands of pre-made themes to suit every kind of business. Using themes helps speed up web development for our clients while providing rich UX/UI experience, and sites that are bug-free and SEO-optimized.

Shopify for eCommerce Sites

We prefer Shopify when designing eCommerce sites for our clients. Similar to WordPress, we like the pre-built functionalities of Shopify, which allows us to focus more time on strategy, website-copy, product-shoots and description, marketing and other aspects – rather than getting bogged down by details such as payment gateway integration, putting hours on UX/UI, and longer development times.

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