General Investor Presentations

General Investor Presentations (or) Investor Overview presentations are a vital chance to spark the interest of institutional investors in your company.

What’s the best way to do that? By designing a presentation entirely around things institutional investors care about—like your strategic vision, track record, competitive advantage, and financial business model.

Your goal is to share just enough of your vision, results, and investment thesis to make investors curious to learn more—without overwhelming them.

IROs at Major Public Companies

Principles for a Successful Investor Overview Deck

Here’s what successful Investor Overview decks have in common:

Your presentation aligns with your elevator pitch

Think of your Investor Overview deck as an extension of your 60-second elevator pitch. So many IROs can quickly recite a compelling elevator pitch—but their Investor Overview decks aren’t nearly as clear, nor do they tell the same story. Make sure the two are in alignment.

You recognize that less is more

Keep your presentation focused on what matters to investors. It’s tempting to share everything that paints your company in a good light, but if you do so, you risk diluting your message. Don’t drown your audience with information–just give them enough to get interested in learning more.

When making investment decisions, investors are closely looking at variables like:

Your Investor Overview deck is the foundation for all investor materials

One reason your Investor Overview presentation is so critical is because it forces you to articulate your strategy and financial model to an investor audience. The work you put into this general investor presentation has ripple effects–slides from your Investor Overview deck will find their way into earnings slides, conference presentations, investor outreach materials, and even Investor Day.

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Common Investor Overview Presentation Mistakes

It’s challenging to create a presentation that’s compelling for institutional investors.

Here are some common Investor Overview Deck design mistakes:

Elevator pitches are a beautiful thing–in 60 seconds or less, investors get a taste of why they may want to invest. IROs are great at elevator pitches, but their Investor Overview decks often lose the sense of intrigue and mission that made their pitch so memorable. 

The core challenge of your Investor Overview deck is to make it a simple, compelling, natural extension of your pitch.

Of the many ways you can lose your audience, maybe the quickest is by overwhelming them with details. As the person presenting, you’re intimately familiar with your business. Some investors are, too, but plenty aren’t. Keep things simple enough for all investors to understand.

You’ll also see your audience looking lost if your presentation doesn’t have a logical structure. To address this, put a Key Messages slide at the beginning of your presentation. Within this single slide, investors should see a one-page investment thesis before they have a chance to lose interest. Every slide that follows expands on the themes you lay out in your Key Messages slide.

If your presentation feels dated and your visuals are weak, it undercuts the rest of your messaging. It’s possible to overcome poor visuals with a compelling pitch–but why not give yourself every advantage you can? Many of your competitors have uninspiring designs, so this is a great opportunity to differentiate yourself from your peers and make a strong first impression.

Learn more about how we create impactful Investor presentations

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How Outkreate works with clients

We’ll start with a discovery process, where we’ll work to understand your goals, challenges, and key messages.

Below is an overview of how we typically help clients. Depending on your needs, we can do more or less.

During the discovery phase, we try to understand your investor and shareholder goals, as well as your goals for the Investor Overview presentation itself. We’ll explore your key messages and what’s working (and not working) with your presentation. It’s also important at this stage to incorporate frequent questions you get asked by investors and analysts, and any other general investor info that should be included.

Finally, we’ll look at any issues you have with building out your slides for the Investor Overview presentation. Our goal in doing this is to understand how we can make it easy for the IRO team to maintain and update slides seamlessly.

The first step is to build out a Key Messages slide. Having this slide in place from the beginning helps drive the flow of the rest of the presentation. 

We also recommend a flow for the deck as a whole, including suggestions to move content around in a more logical progression. For each slide, we recommend ways to enhance headlines, charts, and key takeaways to help your audience understand your message.

Depending on the current design of your deck, we might recommend an upgraded design as a way to stand out. Our team of presentation specialists can push boundaries to make sure you’re maximizing visual impact–even for firms that already have a strong brand identity. One of the best ways to make your slides understandable is to turn data into compelling visuals.

General Investor Presentation Case Study

From Our Client

Jason McGruder
Head of Investor Relations

We worked with Outkreate to enhance Newmark’s General Investor presentation. They brought an external perspective and uncovered gaps in our story, collaborating with us to improve messaging and visualization. The final presentation was well-received by our leadership and external audiences. 

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