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Bengaluru, India

The Fisdom app makes it easy for users to invest in mutual funds, and other financial instruments. Fisdom’s 200,000+ users that have invested over $15 million in various investments.


Outkreate has helped Fisdom with strategy-first and creative campaigns to help them acquire customers (App Installs, Signups) cost-effectively. We also manage their social media presence on Facebook and LinkedIn.

A-B Testing for App Install Campaigns

“I don’t like this color!” “ I don’t like this copy!” Why fuss? Via smart A-B testing, we run multiple variants of campaigns, and let our users decide which ones are most effective. Since partnering with fisdom, we’ve helped reduce their “App Install” costs significantly.

Explainer Videos

We designed various explainer videos to give product demos to the users.

Google Ads Designs

We also design Google Adwords-optimised creatives for Google Display and Banner Ads.

US Office

India Office