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The Media Ant

Bengaluru, India

The Media Ant is a media-buying agency, helping marketers discover and buy from over 300,000 media options in India and Indonesia.


We are design partners for The Media Ant’s marketing and communication needs. From idea to design, we create their marketing campaigns for LinkedIn and Facebook.

Design for Google, LinkedIn and Facebook Marketing

The Media Ant's marketing channels are Google, LinkedIn and Facebook. Outkreate develops campaign strategies for TMA and also designs and deploys campaigns on Social Media channels..

6th Anniversary Logo

To mark The Media Ant's 6th anniversary, Outkreate helped develop a brand identity along with company merchandize (T-shirts, paraphernalia) to create noise.

The media ant 6th anniversary logo

Designed Infographics

We have designed several infographics for The Media Ant's blogs and email marketing campaigns.

Google Ads Designs

We also designed google ad versions based on the primary performance marketing campaign that we designed for TMA, creating an omnichannel marketing effect across platforms.

Online marketing with the media ant

US Office

India Office