Dec 8, 2021 | 1 PM EST

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IROs, are you ready to hit the ground running in 2022

IR Leaders are already planning for 2022. Several have Investor Days / Analyst Days or disciplined outreach w/ analysts / institutional investors as part of their ’22 Priorities.

These are some of the challenges we hear IROs face:

  • A gap exists between what Cos. PRESENT and what Analysts PERCEIVE
  • Creating complling Investment Thesis for your audiences is a challenge
  • IROs don’t get the love from their internal design teams when it comes to designing analyst-friendly decks

Here’s what our attendees have to say…

The webinar was great!

A lot of great points for good directed communication. Was happy to join!

T.J. Sweeney, Virtua Research

Thanks for hosting the webinar!

Gave me some things to think about. I appreciate the support!

Stephanie, IR Manager

Great webinar!

Happy to see that you guys are working with more and more IRO’s.

James, Dir. Investor Relations

Wonderful webinar.

I did attend the webinar and I must say it was a great presentation.

Donaree, UCEA Capital

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