Presentation Strategy

Poor presentations and other communications are causing your audiences to ignore important details, get confused about what to do next, and miss “what’s in it for them.”

We put our extensive experience with presentations to work for you, guiding you on the 3 W’s: what to put in your presentation, where to put it, and why add it in the first place.

Presentation Design

Whether you’re an executive preparing for a keynote, or an analyst with a quarterly report on the horizon, an Outkreate presentation will meet your business goals and motivate your audience.

Our best-in-class presentations build engagement and excitement in clients, stakeholders, and employees.

  • Sales and Strategy presentations
  • Investor relations communications
  • Large group meetings
  • Diversity communications
  • Training decks
  • Keynotes and more

Internal Communications

Internal communications and change communications are Outkreate’s particular strengths. We work to understand your business needs, your company culture, and the message you need to get across.

Then we get to work, either helping you choose the best channel for your message or adapting what you need to say for the delivery method of your choice.

  • Intranet content
  • Department logos
  • Change communications
  • Visual identities and guidelines
  • Company profile videos
  • Vision and mission communications
  • Sizzle videos
  • Reports, eBooks and more

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